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4 Factors That Can Affect Your Wedding Cost

A wedding involves many things such as budgeting, decoration, catering, etc. If you are a very busy couple and do not have time for arranging all this but want your wedding to be the most special day then getting the best Wedding planner in Kingston is the best option for you.  A wedding planner will handle everything from the venue to decoration and will also help you in making the perfect budget for your wedding.

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How can a wedding planner help you?

A wedding planner is a professional who will consult and help you to make your wedding the most memorable day for you. They are experts in arranging everything and you don’t need to worry about anything else after it. A professional wedding planner will help you in consulting and tell you the best way in your budget to get the best of everything. Timeless Memories is one of the best Wedding planners in Kingston.

Factors That Can Affect Your Wedding Cost

There are many factors which can affect your wedding as a wedding involves many things. All these things are connected to each other and one needs to be very particular about these services when choosing or hiring them. Following are some important factors which can affect your wedding cost in a great way:

Wedding Venue and Reception

The wedding venue is probably the biggest expense you will make for your wedding and the same goes for the reception which will hold after the wedding. For people who really value their weddings, venues are very important and it will accordingly affect their wedding cost. Or some people also do their wedding in a church or anywhere on their private property.

The cost of the location totally depends on the size and location of the venue. The bigger the size of the venue the more costly it will be, thus choosing the perfect Wedding venue in Kingston is very important. Wedding venues determine the cost of your wedding as it is the most expensive expense for your marriage. There are many ways through which you can avoid expensive venues and it is through more private wedding ceremonies. Private wedding ceremonies will be able to make you avoid expensive locations and accordingly help you in reducing the cost.


Food is another big expense after the location and venue that you have to make for your wedding in order to give the best wedding party. Food is the most important part of any wedding or party, and for that, you need a big menu and the best catering people to make food for you. Food enhances the experience of your wedding best.

That means as long as you serve great food for your reception, oftentimes your guests will surely enjoy their time. Be very picky in selecting the best catering services or leave it to your Wedding planner to arrange that.

Décor and Theme

You probably don’t want an empty space which is dull to be your wedding venue, even after booking a venue you need to decorate it with many things in order to give it a look where marriage is about to take place. And for that, you need proper materials and people who can decorate your wedding venue with a proper theme. The decoration is very important as it enables you to get the perfect and appealing vibe for your wedding day. Choose a Kingston wedding planner who can arrange the best décor and theme for you.

Wedding Planning

Another important factor that may or may not be part of your initial budget is planning—particularly the amount you’ll need when you hire a wedding planner.

Contact Timeless Memories to get a professional wedding planner to help you with the best wedding venue, catering, and everything that is needed by you. We are an experienced and professional wedding planner firm which will make sure everything is arranged according to your wish.