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Some exciting news from Timeless Memories Wedding & Event planning. Let us help you create your perfect day. We can create the perfect package unique and original. We also have different wedding packages that you can choose from to get started with a standard package. We ask that you let us know what your dream wedding would be, and work with us so we can take care of all the details for you. From the Venue to Catering and Décor, all aspects of your needs leading up to and including tear down after your event. Indoor or Outdoor wedding service? We have everything you require. We work with your budget and stay on schedule.

We will arrange appointments with different Wedding Venues to find the perfect Venue just for you. We also work with the couple from the start of their engagement to their wedding day which helps us deliver the very best results we can. We have a team of professional businesses that work in the wedding industry to execute your perfect wedding. At Timeless Memories Wedding Planning is what we do and we make sure all the vendors hired are licenced, registered and insured. If there is a vendor that you would like to work with then we’re happy to fit them into the plan. All vendors work together for the perfect wedding & event execution.

We also offer hall decorating! Decorating is an art; it requires talent, creativity, experience, an eye for that angle. Whether your event is taking place indoors or outdoors, we want it to be your dream day.We carry backdrops, arches, pew bows, table linens, napkins and chair covers, and are always equipped to meet your needs!